Why Support Badger Coulee?


Badger Coulee will provide energy cost savings and other economic benefits for Wisconsin ratepayers.

10091624Across a wide variety of future scenarios, Badger Coulee will provide utilities with greater access to the wholesale electricity market, improving the delivery of the most cost-effective sources of power. Badger Coulee will also improve the efficiency and strength of Wisconsin’s electric grid, resulting in fewer electrical losses and reduced congestion costs. The result is a downward pressure on electric rates.


Badger Coulee will improve the reliability of the electric grid, both regionally and locally.

The existing transmission system in western Wisconsin is not robust and its reliable operation is affected by system flows of power from west to east. The Western Wisconsin Transmission Reliability Study, conducted in 2010, determined that electric reliability was a concern for this region and identified Badger Coulee as a viable solution to address the needs of the region.  Badger Coulee will reduce the likelihood and extent of an outage, providing electric security to the region.




Badger Coulee will help Wisconsin utilities meet their Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).

Badger Coulee will connect renewable resources generated in the west, like wind power, to key load centers in Wisconsin, helping Wisconsin utilities meet their RPS with the most cost-effective sources of clean energy.

18307180Badger Coulee will create jobs in Wisconsin.

Badger Coulee is expected to deliver substantial economic development benefits for local communities in western Wisconsin, including over 2,800 jobs created and supported during construction. The project will also generate significant new tax revenue for the state.





More information about the Badger Coulee proceeding can be found
on the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin website, in docket: 5-CE-142